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Since 1995, National Plastic Heater has engineered, produced and distributed high quality mica insulated band heaters, temperature sensors and temperature control systems for a diverse group of customers. NPH resistance heaters including custom mica insulated band heaters,  sensors and temperature controls are currently a critical component for major manufacturers operating in industries such as plastics, packaging, medical semiconductor processing, foodservice, military technology, automotive and a variety of other technological and industrial process control applications.

With the development of a set of committed partner’s and patrons, we have been on the threshold of creating exclusive and top quality sources for our mica band heaters and other resistance heater products, through joint ventures, manufacturing partnerships and such synergies. National Plastic Heater will thus tie up the product strengths of its supplier partners exclusively for its customers. We are driven by performance rather than size, which enables us to enhance our competitive edge.

Our design and manufacturing capabilities for mica band heaters both European/metric and imperial sizes are diverse and flexible to satisfy our customers' requirements. NPH resistance heaters range from standard off-the-shelf designs to complex thermal systems. Our combined engineering experience supports our customers with product solutions from concept through production. State of the art design software allows our staff to provide dynamic visual enhancements of prototype designs prior to manufacturing.

Due to the increasing demand for NPH products and services, one of our partners manufacturing facility in Cary, Illinois has been expanded to 120,000 square feet, which includes additional capacity for research and development of new products for tomorrow’s applications. A diverse mix of manufacturing operations support 14 separate product lines including in-house element manufacturing, foundry operations, heat treating, CNC bending, CNC machining, plasma and electron beam welding, and clean room assembly.

Our quality assurance capabilities mirror our commitment to total customer satisfaction. These capabilities include a full service calibration lab, in-house x-ray facility, helium leak test, coordinate measuring machine, temperature profiling acquisition and display, and on-going life cycle testing.

Whether you require custom mica insulated band heaters designed for a tough application or a more common standard band heater designed to meet the competitive demands of your industry, National Plastic Heater is ready to be your business partner. Let us prove our commitment to you and your success.



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