Configurations, Styles Terminations-Mica Band Heaters

Mica Band Heater-with Bent-Up Flange  Mica Heaters-with Ceramic Terminals and Covers
Mica Heater with Post Terminals & Barrel Nuts  Mica Band Heater with Strain Relief & F/G Leads
Mica Band Heaters with Armored Leads  Metric Heaters with S.Steel Overbraid Leads
Expandable Hinged Construction Metric Band Heaters Mica Heater with Independent Strap and Barrel Nuts
Custom Mica Heaters with Holes & Cut-Outs Mica Heaters with Straight and 90� European Plugs
Mica Heaters with 3 Pin Flat Blade European Plug Mica Heaters with Thermocouple Bracket-Metric & Imperial
Mica Band with Terminal Box & Barrel Nuts Two Pc. Construction Mica Heaters with Barrel Nuts
Heaters with Post Terminal on Each Side of Gap Post Terminals Around Circumfrance, Next to Gap
Nozzle Style Band Heaters with F/G Leads  Nozzle Style Heaters with S.Steel Overbraid Leads
Nozzle Heater with S.S. Leads exiting from Edge  Nozzle Heater, Shim or Key Closure & S.Steel Leads
 U Shaped Die Heater European Plug  Muller Head Heaters, T/C Bracket-Blow Molding
 Custom Cone Shape Mica Heater S.Steel Leads Rectangular Mica Heater-Extrusion Dies
 Partial Coverage(s) Custom Mica Heater Reverse Band Heater, S.Steel Leads
Nozzle Band Heater, F/G Leads   Nozzle Heater, F/G Leads, Barrel Nuts
Nozzle Style Band heater, S.Steel Braided Leads  Mica Heater, Flange Closure, S. Steel Armor
Band Heater with Stainless Steel Shell-Constructed with Tubular Elements



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