Industries and Applications - Mica Insulated Band Heaters,Custom, Metric & Imperial Heaters

  • Heater Bands for Extrusion, Pipe Heating, Food Process Machinery and Other Industrial Applications

Other Applications – Mica Band Heaters, Custom Mica Insulated  Band Heaters

  • Mica Insulated Band Heaters for-Extrusion Barrels and Dies
  • Custom Band Heaters for-Plastic Molds and Injection Molding
  • European Mica Insulated Band Heaters for-Blow Molding and Plastics Extrusion
  • Custom, Metric & Imperial Band Heaters for-Rubber Molding
  • Band Heaters for- Container, Pipe or Tank Heating
  • Mica Band Heaters for- Laboratory Equipment
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